Summer sounds, music festivals, and long drives galore. I’ve been vibin’ out to these beats all summer long. I am really enjoying the Soulection Radio shows and A LOT of their DJs lately. These songs have kept me going the past few months and I hope you vibe out to them too! As usual, you can access the Summer Sounds 2017 playlist on Spotify. OR Follow along month by month: May Sounds 2017 Spotify | YouTube Daniel Caesar – Get You (fear. Kali Uchis) Xavier Omar…Continue Reading “Summer Sounds 2017, curated by yours truly”

Happy May! I know it has been awfully quiet here on my blog. I’ll have to apologize for the absence but I took a much needed hiatus. It’s been a particularly hectic time of year between apartment hunting and job/graduate school applications. I hope that you have all been well. In the meantime before we go back to my usual outfit posts, I’d like to give you my promised playlists curated for February, March and April 2017. You can access the full Spring Sounds playlist on Spotify…Continue Reading “Spring Sounds 2017”

It’s funny writing this post as the temperature rises but I just wanted to talk about how I layer for the snow. Of course by now it’s all melted but I think it’s vital to always be prepared for those random snowstorms in the middle of February and March. I got this scarf from ASOS and I am obsessed with it’s versatility. I can definitely see myself using it even in spring on those chillier days. Blanket scarves are perfect for bundling up or adding…Continue Reading “Snow Daze”

  Warm Coffee. Homemade Cupcakes. Loving hands. Family & Friends. I braved the cold last week to embark on a project I’ve yet to finish. I’m invigorated and excited to share it once completed but I can’t have accomplished as much without the love and support of my Dave. He really made me realize it is the simplicity of love that is most beautiful. The unfiltered glances across the table or the warmth of a hug when things get too hard are some of the…Continue Reading “Simple Things”

Introducing January Sounds, a short playlist curated by yours truly. A new year calls for new traditions. Music is such an important aspect of my life and I would love to start sharing some suggestions with you guys. Click here to access a full Youtube Playlist & here for Spotify. Individual songs below: Post Malone – Deja Vu ft. Justin Bieber Khalid – Location  Mickey Blue – We Just Be  SPZRKT & Sango – Hipster Girl  GoldLink – Late Night ft. Masego  Låpsley – Burn Honne…Continue Reading “January Sounds 2017”

I cannot wait for spring. It’s not even the end of January but here I am yearning for warm weather and an excuse not to bundle up like a marshmallow. Let’s face it. The challenge of looking cute during winter exponentially rises as the double digits become single and God forbid negative. It’s tough showing off your ‘fit when you have to cover it up. Which gave me a sigh of relief when the temperature rose this past week. Albeit, it was quite warm and…Continue Reading “A Taste of Spring”

Cold weather does not mean one has to dress as a marshmallow all season. Here’s a peek at my go to winter attire. I usually opt for a marled turtleneck from Urban Outfitters to keep myself warm. One protip I cannot stress enough is using Underarmour or fleece lined leggings as opposed to the generic thin leggings you find in stores. They keep you so much warmer and have been a winter staple for years. I love wearing them on days where I don’t want…Continue Reading “Cold Weather Chic”

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down and written a post. Now let me catch you guys up on 2016 in general. Here’s a list of 12 highlights from my year as well as some reasons I am thankful 2016 happened & how i resolve to grow in 2017. 2016 Highlights: I was able to explore Philadelphia for the first time as an adult and subsequently began my love affair with this city. (Sorry NYC) A successful Valentine’s day with the love of…Continue Reading “Goodbye, 2016! Hello, 2017!”

A few months ago, some friends and I were celebrating a good friend’s birthday when the topic of Halloween came up. One person suggested that we should all dress up as someone else in our fraternity and guess who is who. I thought that idea always seemed like fun. The premise is to find a few key characteristics of a person’s personality –let’s be real, their aesthetic– and dress up as them. We went around with examples of what each person would be. Then it…Continue Reading “Sweater Weather”